I had a wonderful sail yesterday with the Duck Punt.   With more practice and tips from other duck punters I have mastered the skills necessary to really enjoy and control the Duck Punt.   Moving my weight forward has helped to balance the boat and I can get more bite when heading up while running downwind.  The current does play a part in my overall control but now I have a feel for what is needed.

As Dylan Winter and others have said it the past,  “You need to build one of these”; they are that much fun!!!!

I titled this post as “Whoosh” as this best describes the feeling you have when the wind is just right.   You only need a zephyr of a breeze to move the boat on calm water.  Here at the river I need a bit more to press through the current, but many days the wind is over 8 and I will be able to sail up current.

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