Back to Basics

I spend several weeks working on the Duck Punt.   I added a rudder and leeboard to the punt after moving the punt back to Anaheim CA.   I was looking forward to obtaining a more relaxed sailing vessel for use in Newport Harbor.

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untitled shoot-2522

After several attempts of sailing the punt with rudder and leeboard I decided it wasn’t as functional as I had hoped.  While I was able to steer adequately, the leeboard and rudder created noticeable drag and the duck punt would fall off the wind badly when close hauled.   No fun at all.

Anyone who contemplates this modification would likely need to install a longer leeboard foil and deeper rudder.   I elected to keep depth of the rudder and leeboard as shown to retain as much shallow water sailing as possible.   It didn’t work out as planned, so during my last outing I removed the rudder and leeboard and went back to oar steering.

I then backtracked the modifications and removed the rudder and leeboard and all associated fittings and changes made.  I then upgraded the running gear hardware for better sail handling.  A fresh coat of hull paint and a contrasting color on the gunnel and the Duck Punt looks brand new again.





4 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. Ah, you can’t improve on perfection! Such a strange little boat, and yet so ideal for its intended use. I need to spiff mine up and get it back in the water!

    Actually, I am currently building a CLC Skerry for the same sorts of reasons. Better sailing performance, the ability to take a friend (or wife), prettier and saltier. Once the Skerry is done I plan on selling this punt and building another one, but going for ultralight construction. Mine is really heavy and my back is not getting any younger. Then again, maybe I will just get a small trailer and keep it! 😉

    • I am following your CLC Skerry build. After my duck punt I built two CLC Koholo Stand-up paddle boards from their plans.

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