Another Duck Punt build

Punters rejoice, another duck punt is on the way.  Rusty Knorr has started his build and is maintaining a blog of his activities.

6 responses to “Another Duck Punt build

  1. You guys are wonderfully amazing. Not sure how you find the time to fit in such a project. But then, Stan, you are capable of miracles, so what am I thinking?!

  2. So Rusty, I am interested in knowing if you will be building to the specifications of the West Mersea Duck Punts or building more to the design modifications suggested by Flo-Mo ( ). The boat that I build is light and pretty solid, but isn’t anywhere close to being as robust as the 20mm thickness of the West Mersea hull at the shear. Mine is about five or six mm without any double thickness. I got my strength from sheathing the entire hull with fiberglass.

    • Hi Stan,
      Definitely stitch and glue while trying to keep the overall dimensions true to the original plan. I need it to be car-top capable so I will try to keep it light but strong. I am using 6mm for the hull and 19mm for the frames. Still deciding if I want to sheath the whole hull or just the seams. Maybe when I finish this light weight one I will build a heavy one exact to spec and see how they compare!

      • You are building one very similar to mine. I recommend you go ahead and sheath the whole hull exterior and seam the interior of the hull. It will make the punt strong and scuff resistant. The duck punt will have a lot of shallow water scrapes. I did my entire hull with one piece of 4 oz cloth. This was my first hull fiberglass job and it went pretty well. I ended up having to dart the sides in a number of spots to get all the cloth to lay flat. You also have to round the chine for the cloth to fold over properly. You could do three pieces with overlap too but one piece worked for me. Use a slower setting epoxy so you have enough set up time. Check out the links on the CLC web site for more details. Their videos helped a lot.

      • Hi Stan,

        I have heard conflicting recommendations on glassing vs not glassing the whole hull. Some say “Just paint it so you can patch it” while others agree that more protection is necessary. Some say resin holds moisture and the plywood will rot while others say longevity is vastly improved with glass. More research to do I guess. Thanks for the recommendation though.

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