I had a wonderful sail yesterday with the Duck Punt.   With more practice and tips from other duck punters I have mastered the skills necessary to really enjoy and control the Duck Punt.   Moving my weight forward has helped to balance the boat and I can get more bite when heading up while running downwind.  The current does play a part in my overall control but now I have a feel for what is needed.

As Dylan Winter and others have said it the past,  “You need to build one of these”; they are that much fun!!!!

I titled this post as “Whoosh” as this best describes the feeling you have when the wind is just right.   You only need a zephyr of a breeze to move the boat on calm water.  Here at the river I need a bit more to press through the current, but many days the wind is over 8 and I will be able to sail up current.

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11 responses to “Whoosh

    • Hi Dylan,

      I learned that a duck punt requires patiences and a bit of practice to master. Once you pay attention to the center of balance for the boat, and find a comfortable position to sit, you can go about anywhere in control. The paddle is also important and can be used for several purposes. I still only have three hours of practice with the punt so even more skills will come.

      I sit up in the punt rather then lay down. I paddle when I need to and don’t wait to long to utilize it for propulsion. I also use my oar as a shield against the boom to protect my head during jibs and tacks. Before I was always trying to duck rather then just protect myself. I am so much more comfortable now. Once the boom starts bounching against my oar I grab the boom and lift it over my head. Seems to work pretty well.

      My wife who has never sailed on her own tried the punt in the lagoon and asked me when I was going to build her one.

      I noticed that you have added a wind vane to the bow of your punt. I see how that can be helpful so I will be looking for one soon. How do you like your spirit rigging. I see you now run a line forward and then aft. Do you make adjustments?

      • I love the lieing down position – makes the boat feel very fast

        I also have the back-rest – so that makes it even nicer

        as for the sprit line…. I noticed that the mast was sagging backwards a bit when going to windward. There are some little scows on the south coast that use a sprit line. It supports the mast and when you go too windward and halt the boom down then the sprit tightens and flattens the main.

        I have a dream… that one day the English Duck Punt will be an Olympic boat. The competitors would not need to bring their expensive boats across the world. They could build them here. The boats are so cheap that it would help developing countries. It would also allow old blokes to sail on equal terms with the young sters.

        What do yo9u reckon?


      • Pretty sure the duck punt will never be an olympic class boat, but I would sure encourage anyone to build one. They are simply fun to build, rig, launch, and sail. I have mine stored in the rafters on a pulley system. I lower the punt onto her dolly and launch in the river within 10 minutes. The boat is so stable you just fall into it, get comfortable, trim your sail and away you go. I promise to get my own videos taken next time I sail.

  1. Yay! Congrats, Stan. I am so glad you are enjoying the Punt and getting a better feel for it.
    My Opti rig arrived today and I bought some Festool tools this week so I am close to beginning. I hope to start the jig later this week. So excited!


    • Looking forward to your Duck Punt build. I had another opportunity to sail the following day in heavy winds. The punt planed going upstream a number of times on a beam reach that took all my strength to hold on line using balance, pressing really hard on the paddle and pumping the sail. Best sailing fun ever. Forward weight balance is the key to control. Just a few inches of movement make a difference.

      • sailing on the edge…

        other will find it hard to beleive just how exhilerating sailing a duck punt can be.

        there are times when you are right on the edge of losing it completely

        at others the direction of travel is at 45 degress to the line of the boat

        the flat bottom means that it gets its bow up very readily

        It reminds of riding a very good road bike – there is that power and sudden bursts of speed

    • Seven, you have to BUILD one! They didn’t have them here either until we started building and sailing them. All the info you need is out there, make it happen. You won’t be sorry!

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